Department of Physics

The Department of Physics was established in 1977 owing to the attempts of Dr Mohammad Reza Behforoz at the Faculty of Science and, thereafter, other colleagues joined the department. After the splendid victory of Islamic Revolution of Iran, the committee of Physics Department was formed, and during the cultural revolution, undergraduate laboratories such as general physics (1, 2 and 3), optics, modern physics, nuclear physics, electronic and physics workshop were constructed. The foregoing activities was accompanied by dispatching a number of eligible instructors of the department to credible universities overseas to continue their higher education leading to a PhD degree oriented in one of the specialized fields of physics. The employment of educated young instructors in the field of nuclear, solid state, theoretical, atomic and molecular physics led to the construction and extension of master programs in various fields of physics in 1992. Up to now, over 150 students have been graduated from Physic Department some of whom have been teaching and doing research as  faculty members of other universities in Iran.

Nowadays, the department has launched PhD programs and keeps admitting eligible students through written entrance examination and interview. We are pleased to inform that Physics Department has underwent extensive developments through the establishment of its research centers on superconductivity, advance optics, laser, thin films physics, and x-ray spectroscopy.

Following the recruitment of new academic staff, our scholarly scientific team including five professors, three associate professors, and more than ten lecturers and senior lecturers undertake world-class research projects in the realms of nano-technology, superconductivity, high rate UV lasers, thin film growth, nuclear, and theoretical physics. Out of these research projects, hundreds of research papers have been published in top-tier national and international journals.