Geography Department

Through the support of university officials and Faculty of Literature and Humanities, Dr. Hasan Heydari could get the physical geography license in climatology subfield from the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology for Geography Department of Urmia University in 2005. This license was received according to the efforts of Dr. Heydari for about three years. This faculty started its activities with Dr. Hasan Heydari (climatology), Dr. Saeid Abadi (climatology), and with accommodations of the presidency of the time, Dr. Tolui Azar and some other faculties including geology. The first group of students in this field was a group of 59 members who were accepted in February, 2005. Dr. Vahid Mohamad Nezhad (Geomorphology) could get the scholarship as a PhD student. Then, in the following years, Dr. Mir Najaf Mousavi (Urban Planning), Dr. Naser Soltani (Political Geography), Dr. Taghilou (Rural Planning), Dr. Sayyad Asghari (Geomorphology), Dr. Khadijah Javan (Climatology), and Dr. Alireza Movagheri (Climatology) were recruited as the academic staff of Geography Department.

This faculty could get the license to accept students in geography and tourism planning field in BA program and in October, 2012, they started the admission process. Acceptance license for Land Use Planning and Medical Geography was gained in 2012 and since October of the same year, new students have been being accepted in these fields. Also, in 2014, the licenses for BA program in Geography and Political and Spatial Planning and MA program in Geography and Holy Defense were received and admission of students in these fields started in October of the same year.

Developmental prospect of the department

Geography Department of Urmia University was established in 2005 in order to develop the geographical studies. This department intends to respond to the scientific needs to fill in the gaps in the geographical science as well as to create and establish different fields of geographical sciences. Also, because of the centrality of place and space, filling the gaps of other fields is one of the major purposes of this department. Thus, in addition to reinforcing available fields to answer the scientific needs of the area, this department intends to primarily establish MA programs in Environmental Hazards, Climatology, Geography and Rural Planning, Urban Planning, Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System and Geomorphology subfields. It also plans to launch PhD programs in future too.  

Goals and missions of Geography Department

 In addition to considering quantitative development of the department as it is new, Geography Department is paying attention to the qualitative development of student’s education in the coming years, and it is one of the priorities of geography department. Also, organizing scientific communities and specialized workshops for students are the additional activities to improve educational standards and to rejuvenate educational environment for students.

Other purposes of this department are as follows:

  • Illumination, reinforcement, and development of geography
  • Training proficient and efficient forces in different domains of geographical sciences to address the social needs.
  • Guiding students to reach the higher academic levels (MA and PhD levels).
  • Conducting research projects and designs in university, provincial, regional and national levels to solve different problems in the country.