Department of Islamic Law and Jurisprudence

Department of Islamic Law and  Jurisprudence
In 2002, the field of Islamic Jurisprudence and Law was established, and came to fruition in 2005, and the first students of the field were admitted in September 2005. Undergraduate course in Islamic Jurisprudence and Law is one of the training courses in the higher education system of a special field other than the course of jurisprudence and basics of Islamic Law, which is one of the trends in theology and Islamic Studies.
The Department of Islamic Jurisprudence and Law has been admitting students in the field of Private Law, Criminal Law, and Criminology for master's and doctoral degrees since 2017. Its purpose is to train the required professors of universities in the fields of law as well as to train researchers and scholars needed by scientific centers. Also, training experts is required by the judiciary of the country.

Islamic jurisprudence