Islamic Jurisprudence and Law Department

Number of members included in official academic staff

Assistant professors: 4

Lecturers: 2

Adjunct professors: 10    

  •     Academic library: 800 books
  •     Head of the department: Dr. Mohamad Hossein Javadi
  •      Deputy head of the department: Jafar zadeh

Goals of the department:

  •     Training needed experts for governmental and non-governmental organizations and institutes.
  •     Answering the needs of organizations and ministries to legal experts, lawyers, and judges, and Arabic and religious teachers.
  •     Training committed professors and researchers in the area of juridical and legal sciences.

Sub-fields of the department

  1. BA program in Fiqh and Islamic Jurisprudence
  2. MA program in Fiqh and Private Law
  3. MA program in Fiqh and Criminal Law
  4. PhD program in Fiqh and Islamic Jurisprudence
Islamic jurisprudence