Useful Information for Foreign Students

Urmia is an ancient city located in north west of Iran and is the seat of west Azerbaijan province . In 1965 Rezaiyeh College of Agriculture presided by Mr.Shaybanee was established at the old campus. The college involved in training undergranduates in agricultural sciences . The academic staff was limited and the number of students ranged at about 20-30 for each academic year. The courses were designed to graduate associate diploma . Those interested in the field, could continue up to Bachelor ‘s degree at the Karaj Agriculture College of Tehran University .

In 1969 an agreement was signed between the near east foundation (N.E.F) and the ministry of culture expands the existing two-year Agriculture college to a four -year program and Dr.J.Rassi presided as the dean. The N.E.F representatives undertook the preparation of the curriculum for the four-year Rezaiyeh College of Agriculture and Animal Husbandary. The curriculum entailed : Agriculture , Animal Husbandry and Home Economics. During the first year N.E.F was at the college, five departmens were planned as a starting stracture: Basic Sciences, Plant Sciences , Animal Sciences , Agriculture Engineering and Rural Education. The general library was quickly stocked with selective books and the new students enrolled up to 150 persons each year .

At the beginning of N.E.F involvement with the college of Agriculture , a large agriculture farm was purchased at Nazloo area, in the vicinity of the Urmia city , as a site for the new campus. The Nazloo area, in the vicinity of the Urmia city, as a site for the new campus .The Nazloo campus was located on the route of the Sero border with Turkey with a distance of 20 km from the old campus originally, a set of farm buildings for dairy cattle, sheep and poultry was built at the new campus to serve the purpose of practical training for the students. Following the establishment of the college of agriculture in 1965 ,two other colleges namely, College of Veterinary Medicine and College of Sciences were augmented in 1975 and in 1977 , respectively. This resulted in the foundation of presently named Urmia University which was great demand for a spacios campus was starngly felt.

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