Nanotechnology Center

Nanotechnology institute of Urmia
Since the beginning of fall semester in 2010, the nanotechnology institute of Urmia commenced the initial academic activities with taking MSc. students in nano-chemistry as well as nano-physics degrees. Nowadays, nano-electronic is also added to them and one of the most significant recent fields of study named nano-polymer and nanobiotechnology are in the stage of establishment. Furthermore, a prerequisite circumstance for nomination of Ph.D candidates in Nano-chemistry field is under process.
The nanotechnology institute of Urmia has taken modern laboratories comprising organic chemistry, thermo-analysis, electrochemistry, and nanoelectronic as well as nano-composite. Also, the lists of apparatuses are TGA, DSC, AUTOLAB, PALMSENSE, Injection device, Extruder, Tensile, Probe and ultrasonic benmary. In addition, tremendous tries are concerning upon providing more facilities at the institute.
Nano science goals:
-Providing a suitable place for collaboration all of researches in different aspect of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
-Treatment of nanotechnology experts associated with the industrially requirements of our country
-Research and development of nanotechnology in national and international levels
-Conducting applied and research studies in terms of linking university to the industrial project
-Giving hand to academic research outcomes with trade and commercial view point
-Making cooperation to the national and international research centers
Faculty members.


First Name: Asgar
Last Name: Zamani
Title: Assistant Professor
Research interests: organic chemistry

First Name: Mehdi
Last Name: Mahmudian
Title: Assistant Professor
Research interests: polymer

First Name: Nasrin
Last Name: Shadjou
Title: Assistant Professor
Research interests: Advanced nano-materials in diagnostics and therapeutics

First Name: Esmaeil
Last Name: Habibi
Title: Assistant Professor
Research interests: Fuel cells, Supercapacitors, sensors
First Name: Mohammad taghi
Last Name: Ahmadi
Title: Associate Professor
Research interests: Nano-electronic, sensors
First Name: Sajjad
Last Name: Keshipour
Title: Assistant Professor
Research interests: Organic Synthesis, Catalysts


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