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Chancellor's Office

Directorate of Chancellor Office and Public Relations


This directorate is responsible for following up the administrative and executive affairs of the university chancellor and creating the necessary coordination for the integration of the activities of the university units. Also, the affairs related to public relations including the management of the university's website, advertising and information matters are also within the responsibility of this administration.


The main responsibilities of this directorate include:

Arranging and coordinating work schedule and appointments of the university president

Managing the university chancellor's office and coordinating administrative communications and correspondence of the university chancellor

Communicating and following up the implementation of the orders of the university chancellor to the university units

Arranging of the meetings of the university chancellor, setting the agenda and the minutes of the meetings, communicating and following them up, and conducting the necessary correspondence in this regard

Answering and dealing with clients' problems with coordination and follow-up from different university units

Convening meetings, arranging appointments, coordinating in holding ceremonies and public activities of the university, performing ceremonial affairs and monitoring the correct implementation of such activities
Carrying out matters related to inviting personalities from inside and outside the country with the cooperation of relevant units and performing related ceremonies
Collecting, publishing and dissemination of news, information, advertisments related to the university in the media, the Internet and the press
Implementation of all press and media affairs of the university and providing answers to external authorities in appropriate cases
Implementation of internal and external university polling programs and compilation of relevant reports in coordination with university units
Management of university main website and supervision of other sub domains of university website