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Persian Language Training Center



With the aim of introducing and spreading Iranian culture and literature to international students, the Persian Language Training Center for foreign students of Urmia University has organized regular Persian language training courses. By offering Persian language courses at all levels, this center has provided an opportunity to learn Persian language for international students applying to continue their studies at Urmia University and other universities of West Azerbaijan province.


Admission Conditions:

Lack of legal prohibition to continue studying.

Adherence to the educational, student and disciplinary rules of the university


Once the aforementioned conditions are met, Urmia University will fully prepare the conditions for your entry and study.




Special Course for International Students of Urmia University


Urmia University's Persian language training courses for international students have been planned and organized using the latest language teaching methods with the aim of improving the language skills of Persian students in all language skills and components including: writing and grammar, conversation, and vocabulary .

Applicants who get an above average score in the entrance exam do not need to take a Persian language course and will be directly enrolled in their specialized fields of study.


Course Syllabus:

Conversation 1 & 2

Listening Comprehension 1 & 2

Reading Comprehension 1 & 2

Writing 1 & 2


Farsi language training course is offered at three Introductory, Intermediate and Advanced levels in the form of a 16-week semester (320 hours of the entire class time) in groups of 15 to 20 people. After passing and successfully completing the course, international students are prepared to study in Farsi in their specialized fields of study. This course will include the selection of various Iranology, tourism, ecotourism and sports and entertainment programs with the aim of creating more opportunities to strengthen communication skills and become more familiar with Iranian language and culture.


Some of the salient features of these courses are:


1.  Teaching Persian language based on a task-oriented and communication-oriented educational program

2.  Teaching Persian language using new communication books

3.  Learning Persian language in the form of an integrated educational program incorporated with real-world experience




Persian Language Courses of Urmia University





Specialized courses in Persian language and literature


This course is a specialized course for international students who are eager to gain deeper insight and knowledge in Persian literature and poetry in addition to learning Persian language. Among the topics covered in this course, we can mention a wide range of topics on prominent figures of Iranian classical literature, including Molavi, Hafez, Saadi, Khayyam, and modern contemporary literature.