Department of Nanotechnology

The Department of Nanotechnology at the Faculty of Science was officially established in Autumn, 2014. The department began its MSc programs by accepting students in Nano-physics and Nano-chemistry. Currently, fundamental nanotechnology laboratories on nano-physics, nano-chemistry and nano-electronic are in full operation. Moreover, the department has nanotechnology research centers in nano-chemistry, nano-physics, nano-electronics and nano-polymers in the City Campus of Urmia University.

Some members of the department are currently pursuing their PhD studies. Following their return, the nano-electronic, nano-polymer and nano-biotechnology programs at master’s level are to be launched. Further developments in the department will take place through recruiting PhD students in nano-chemistry as well.

The nanotechnology department enjoys the cooperation of full-time faculty members of one associate professor and six assistant professors. We look forward to the day that the tireless endeavors in this department amounts to numerous and multiple groundbreaking research and cutting-edge education in this field.

Nano Technology