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Faculty of Chemistry

The Faculty of Chemistry was founded in 2017 and began its formal functioning together with two major departments: 1) Organic and Inorganic Chemistry 2) Physical Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, and Applied Chemistry.

M.Sc. Chemistry courses have been held in Organic and Inorganic Chemistry department since October 1997 and admitted PhD students in Organic Chemistry since February 2003. 

At present/currently, the total number of M.Sc. students of Organic and Inorganic Chemistry department is 68 including 46 in Organic Chemistry and 22 in Inorganic Chemistry. Moreover, the number of PhD students is 38 in Organic Chemistry and 27 in Pardis unit. The academic faculty members of Organic and Inorganic Chemistry department include 6 professors, 1 associate professor, and 4 assistant professors dealing with/involving in instruction and research in terms of various topics.


  •   Current research topics in Organic Chemistry:
  • Synthesis of macrocyclic compound
  • Synthesis of heterocyclic compound
  • Synthesis of pharmacological compound
  • Synthesis of drug precursors and controlled drugs delivery
  • Synthesis of natural polymers and water-soluble polymers
  • Nano polymers


  • Current research topics in Inorganic Chemistry:
  • Coordination chemistry
  • Bioinorganic chemistry
  • Solid state chemistry
  • Computational chemistry
  • Nano inorganic chemistry
  • Crystallography


  • Instruments and facilities in Organic and Inorganic Chemistry department:
  • FT-IR
  • NMR
  • CHN


  • Programs in progress:
  • Promotion of education and research in M.Sc. and Ph.D. courses
  • Creation and activation of specialized laboratories of the chemistry department to provide research services to college researchers
Faculty of Chemistry