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Faculty of Economics and Management

Faculty of Economics and Management, as an educational and research center, was established in 2007. This faculty aims to produce, transfer, and expand the knowledge in the realm of economics and to train human resources who are expert in the fields of economics, financial accounting, and management.

As one of the strategic provinces neighboring Turkey, Azerbayjan, Iraq, and Armenia, West Azerbayjan province plays a significant role in local economy as well as international business requiring highly qualified experts in this field.

The teaching staff consists of 35 faculty members in three departments of Economic Sciences (established in 1990), Accounting (established in 1996), and Business Management (established in 2001). The majors in the faculty vary from Theoretical Economics, Commercial Economics, Accounting to Commercial Management all in BA degree. In addition, students in MA degree study in Economic Sciences, Accounting, Financial Management, and Commercial Management. The faculty offers major of Economic Sciences in PhD degree. Currently, 1300 students study in this faculty.

Faculty of Economics and Administrations