Department of Sociology

The Department of Sociology aims at the training of students for doing researches in applied-experimental skills along with a grasp of theoretical sociology and development of the students’ sociological insight. This department searches for the detection of social harms or zemiology, analysis and explanation of those harms and the approaches to eliminate them.
Sociological knowledge is after the promotion of our awareness of the various dimensions of social life and the ways of coping with the problems caused by the collective human life. For this purpose, along with the acquaintance of the students with the various fields of social sciences, they are to acquire theoretical approaches and methodologies which will epistemologically equip them with the acquisition of these two goals. The students’ acquaintance with the research methodologies in social sciences and theories of sociology enables them to be occupied in zemiological researches by the establishment of research institutions or by being employed in various organizations.

The Department of Sociology is the newest Educational Group of the Faculty of Letters of Urmia University. In fact, the earliest efforts to establish the courses of Sociology in Urmia University were done in 2013. The Sociology Group acted as a sub-division of the groups of Educational Sciences, with two Members of the Scientific Board, offering interdisciplinary educational and research services in the level of the faculty. With the employment of two members of the Scientific Board in 2018, the group succeeded to obtain the license for the BA level of sociology in 2019, and in the October 2020, by the admittance of 45 students for BA level the courses of sociology in the Faculty of Letters became an independent Group of Education.