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The Meeting of universities of West Azarbaijan province with ISC institute hosted by Urmia University

The meeting of the universities of West Azarbaijan Province with the Islamic World Science and Technology Citation and Monitoring Institute (ISC) was held on Sunday 03 September 2023, hosted by Urmia University.

The board of the ISC Institute consisted of Dr. Seyed Ahmad Fazelzadeh, the head of the institute, Dr. Seyed Arash Haqpanah, the head of the directorate and public relations department of the institute, and Dr. Mansoure Sarati Shirazi, the director of the ranking and citation analysis of the institute. Dr. Ahmad Alijanpour, the chancellor of Urmia University, his deputies and the chancellors of universities of West Azarbaijan province also participated in this meeting.

Dr. Ahmad Alijanpour at the beginning of this meeting mentioned that since last year, 1,526 scientific articles have been approved and published in ISI's prestigious journals by the efforts of professors, faculty members and scholars of West Azerbaijan universities. Out of this number, 817 papers belonged to scholars, faculty members and professors of Urmia University. He also added that one thousand and 122 scientific articles have been published by academic elites of West Azerbaijan in the ISC category.

Dr. Alijanpour then reported the latest status quo of higher education in West Azerbaijan universities, saying that currently, 1,681 academic are working as full-time faculty members and 4,120 are visiting faculty members in West Azerbaijan, of which 503 are faculty members. The chancellor of Urmia University stated that 83 thousand 702 university students are currently studying in this province and continued that 17% of these students are studying in Urmia University and 33% of them are studying in Urmia Azad University in different fields. He added Urmia University has the position of 21st comprehensive university of Iran.

In this meeting, the head of ISC, Dr. Seyed Ahmad Fazelzadeh, stated that this institution has the highest legal status approved by the Islamic Council, the Council of Ministers, the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution and the Council for the Development of Higher Education and it is in charge of 57 Islamic countries. Referring to the scientific position of the country in the world, Dr. Seyed Ahmad Fazelzadeh added that the global scientific position of the Islamic Republic of Iran by the end of 2022 was at the 15th position according to Scopus and 17th position according to the information of the Web Of Science website. Regarding the state of science and technology of Urmia University, he also said: Urmia University, with 9 highly-cited scientists of 1 percent, 15 highly-cited scientists of 2 percent for one year, according to the national ranking of ISC, ranks 21st among comprehensive universities and 27th among all Iranian universities.